GD’s New Solutions for Public Safety & Security (Learn More – Video)

To meet today’s public safety and security challenges, first responders and security forces need the power of information at their fingertips.

As a trusted partner, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada delivers that power with integrated, mission critical communications systems for Public Safety and Security known as the SHIELD Ecosystem.

(Introducing the SHIELD Ecosystem for Public Safety, courtesy of General Dynamics Mission Systems and YouTube)

General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada has officially launched four new public safety and security solutions today that provide first responders around the world with integrated mission-critical communications systems that will help save lives.

David Ibbetson, VP and GM of General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada
David Ibbetson, VP and GM of General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada

Built on the company’s SHIELD EcosystemTM, these turn-key, fully integrated solutions provide interoperable fixed and mobile digital communications to ensure the right information is available at the right time.

“We are building on our extensive experience in military communications and developing a new series of capabilities to help close the technology gap for the first responders who are facing increasingly complex threats,” said David Ibbetson, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada.

“The SHIELD Ecosystem and the solutions we have developed will support public safety and security organizations around the world by giving them the advanced tools they need to become more connected and coordinated response forces.”

The four public safety and security solutions include:


As a trusted partner in public safety and security, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada knows that when citizens call for police, fire, or ambulance assistance they want the dispatcher to be able to locate them and relay important details to the units responding to the call.

Public safety and security threats and challenges are growing in complexity. Timely and accurate information is the key to an effective response by public safety and emergency teams. With the right information, police, fire, and ambulance personnel can better protect citizens.

cityshieldCitySHIELD is the solution that gives first responders and security forces the information they need to protect and save lives.

CitySHIELD closes the gap between what most emergency services personnel have in terms of information at their fingertips, and what most of the rest of society takes for granted in a world of smart devices and expanding broadband networks.

With CitySHIELD police, fire and ambulance responders can collect and share tactical information securely on a dedicated network, passing critical data, videos, maps and locations in real time, with each other and with other first responder agencies as required.

With hand held and vehicle installed smart devices first responders are connected to their supervisors in operations centers with reliable, connections and user friendly displays to protect and secure the public and the responder.


  • Advanced, high bandwidth digital IP network
  • Mobile and fixed video surveillance system, which is designed for large-scale, high-security deployments that demand real-time, high performance surveillance
  • Operations and dispatch system, which includes computer aided dispatch, a mobile response application, resource tracking, command and control systems, intelligence, communications and information management systems
  • In-vehicle computing system, which enables secure and real-time access to police databases, incident reporting systems, video surveillance, license plate recognition, and location tracking systems
  • Web intelligence features, which enable police to search open sites, such as forums, social networks and other key sources
  • Citizen safety application, which citizens can download and use to report incidents and attach videos, snapshots, voice information, and location information
  • License plate recognition, which can recognize license plates on vehicles traveling at high speed
  • Biometric facial recognition system, which uses the FaceFirst® system and offers the ability to use fixed cameras and video from the 4G/LTE smartphones to identify persons of interest
  • Digital telephony system, which includes IP desk phones and video phone stations to support operations and administration


The front line of a nation’s sovereignty is its border. A secure, accurate and efficient border system will protect a population and safeguard its prosperity.

Whether the threats and challenges to a border are criminal, military, or migrant based, having accurate information and intelligence from many sources at the right place at the right time will give decision makers the awareness they need to respond.

As a border security partner, General Dynamics Missions Systems-Canada understands how to secure a border effectively, even in the most difficult of environments and security challenges.

bordershieldBorderSHIELD is the fully integrated network platform that gives national authorities and their security personnel the awareness, accuracy and information they need to protect their country and its future.

BorderSHIELD is the solution that creates assured connectivity between sensors and the core using a secure, reliable network adapted to the surroundings and the mission.

BorderSHIELD is built on the General Dynamics Missions Systems-Canada SHIELD Ecosystem architecture as a robust and secure communications network that takes its inputs from different types of security and surveillance sensors and data fuses them together to give a higher level of situational awareness across multiple operations areas.

BorderSHIELD is more than a solution: it is a security partnership with a company that has been building long term defence and security partnerships with nations and industry leaders for decades.

With General Dynamics Missions Systems-Canada, you are never alone and always aware.


  • A modular design for security and reliability
  • Plug and Play features for a scalable capability
  • Data fusion for enhanced situational awareness across multiple operations areas
  • Open architecture that is designed to evolve at the speed of industry
  • Proven sensors to ensure connectivity and continuity


As threats grow more complex, finding the right security solution to protect critical infrastructure is essential to public safety.

Physically protecting a vital port, nuclear power plant, or a classified government facility is only part of the requirement; safeguarding the critical operation and preventing a disruption is just as important.

As a trusted and experienced security partner, General Dynamics Missions Systems-Canada understands that to secure critical infrastructure effectively involves more than just protecting the site.

It also requires a system than can provide greater awareness of potential threats with the ability to not only secure the operation but also improve its efficiency.

In many cases, critical infrastructure operations are hampered by fragmented systems, disjointed communication networks and incompatible sensors and systems.

General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada can overcome these challenges with InfrastructureSHIELD, a fully integrated network solution that gives security operators the awareness and control to protect and optimize their critical operation.

InfrastructureSHIELDInfrastructureSHIELD is built on the General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada SHIELD Ecosystem architecture as a robust and secure communications network that takes its inputs from different types of security and surveillance sensors and data fuses them together to give a higher level of situational awareness across multiple operations areas.


  • Modular design for security, scalability and enhanced incident and resource management
  • Open architecture that has built-in redundancy for assured availability
  • Enhanced situation awareness using a Geographic Information System (GIS) engine and a fused data interface for an improved common operating picture
  • Capable of third party systems and sensors integration via the IP Network and open interface Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Flexible business logic for enhanced data correlation and automated response
  • Assured protection management using predefined Infrastructure security levels


Whether it’s a disaster relief team deploying to a remote area devastated by an earthquake, or a deployed security force responding to a complex attack in a large city, reliable emergency communications can help protect a population, recover from a crisis and save lives.

As a trusted partner in security and emergency response, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada knows that to be effective in an emergency requires a capable communications system that is deployable and reliable.

To give responders the tools they need, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada has developed a deployable, dedicated and secure broadband (LTE/4G) communications system that can be taken with security forces or humanitarian relief teams anywhere in the world.

The solution, known as EmergencySHIELD, provides mission critical communications and a coordination capability to prepare for or react to a security incident or natural disaster, where existing communications networks are destroyed, overloaded, or simply not fast enough to pass the information needed to be effective and safe in the field.

Once activated, EmergencySHIELD establishes a persistent, versatile and accessible network that can rapidly share video, voice, data and location information that can also supplement existing radio systems.

With EmergencySHIELD security personnel or disaster relief teams deploy with smart devices that can not only talk to each other but also share data no matter where they are.

emergencyshieldEmergencySHIELD is based on the General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada SHIELD EcosystemTM LTE architecture which is backed by six decades of systems integration experience to deliver the right information in real time to multiple users from multiple organizations providing a security coordination and safety function that will enhance the effectiveness of even the largest international security or relief effort.


  • Transportable
  • Standalone or interconnected
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Rapid activation
  • Secure communications
  • Real-time geographic tracking, messaging and dispatching of personnel
  • Transmission and storage of pictures and video
  • Standard smart device access with the ability to incorporate a suite of other applications that can be accessed in the field
  • A secure private network to pass intelligence and other sensitive information to field personnel, or other agencies

General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada

These dedicated public safety communication systems combine 4G/LTE technology with satellite and fiber optics networking to enhance situational awareness of security threats and reduce emergency response times.

The solutions enable police and other first responders to quickly gather and exchange vital information using digital applications on secure systems.

SHIELD solutions also provide commanders with enhanced awareness of the availability, capability and location of in-field personnel at all times.

(Learn More about General Dynamics Mission Systems, courtesy of GD-MS and YouTube)

As one of Canada’s largest military systems integrators, General Dynamics has more than 60 years of experience in secure communication innovation and is committed to building long-term partnerships to enhance the interoperability and operational effectiveness of public safety and security forces with technical solutions to help keep the public safe and secure.

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