Hero Down: 5 Dead in Wake of California Standoff (Multi-Video)

Kern County Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas, 35, was a five-year veteran of the force and had served as a Marine in Afghanistan. (Courtesy of the Kern County Sheriff's Office)
Kern County Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas, 35, was a five-year veteran of the force and had served as a Marine in Afghanistan. In addition to his normal patrol duties, Campas was also on the SWAT team, on the honor guard and taught at the academy. He is survived by his wife, Christina, two daughters, a stepson and his father, Jesse.(Courtesy of the Kern County Sheriff's Office)

July 26, 2021 – In Breaking News – NBC News

Five people were killed, including a sheriff’s deputy, in the wake of a domestic violence call and standoff that turned deadly in rural Southern California, authorities said Monday.

A 911 call was made at 1 p.m. Sunday reporting that an armed man who was the target a restraining order showed up at a home in Wasco, outside Bakersfield and about 140 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood told reporters.

Screaming and shots could be heard on that 911 call and a woman fleeing the home at 1718 First St. told responding deputies that at least two people inside had been shot, Youngblood said.

(One deputy died and another deputy was wounded in a shooting during a standoff at a home, according to the mayor of the California city where the gunfire erupted. Courtesy of FOX 11 Los Angeles and YouTube. Posted on July 26, 2021.)

The 41-year-old suspect then barricaded himself in the home and an hours long standoff ensued.

After calling for backup and surrounding the home, Deputies Phillip Campas, 35, and Dizander Guerrero approached and were shot, Youngblood said.

Campas later died at the hospital while Guererro was treated and released. Two other deputies were wounded by flying shrapnel.

Then at 6:28 p.m., the suspect, armed with an AK-47 rifle and a handgun, got on to the home’s roof where he was killed by deputies, according to Youngblood.

Inside the house, deputies found three dead — a woman, 42, and two males, 24 and 17. The two male victims were sons of the shooter and the woman was their mother, the sheriff said.

“Had there not been other people in this house, we’d probably still be there doing what we do, and that’s wait until the suspect decides he’s had enough,” Youngblood said.

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Editor’s note: Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas, both blood and blue. Thank you for serving the United States of America and Kern County, with pride and distinction. Your life mattered and you will be greatly missed.

(The flag-draped body of Kern County Sheriff Phillip Campas is escorted from Kern Medical following shooting in Wasco. Courtesy of 23 ABC News | KERO and YouTube. Posted on Jul 26, 2021.)

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