Inmarsat & Honeywell take GX Aviation on Global Flight Tour (Video)

Inmarsat and Honeywell have successfully completed the first GX Aviation Global Flight Tour, in preparation for launching the ground-breaking new broadband solution for airline passengers later this year.

(Inmarsat and Honeywell completed a successful global flight tour for GX Aviation to over 10 cities, across four continents, on Honeywell’s Boeing 757 aircraft. Over six weeks, the flying lab allowed Inmarsat and Honeywell to complete system integration in preparation for GX Aviation’s launch this year. Courtesy of Inmarsat and YouTube)

The tour covered more than 10 locations across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, logging over 120 flight hours and 45,000 miles onboard the Honeywell Boeing 757 test aircraft – almost equivalent to flying twice around the globe.

The 38-day tour focused on complete system integration and fine-tuning in a wide range of operational circumstances and locations, including over land and in the middle of the ocean.

Inmarsat Chairman Andrew Sukawaty joined guests from airlines and partners on the GX Aviation global flight tour

Completion of this important step means that Inmarsat is now ready to deliver the world’s first in-flight connectivity solution with reliable, seamless high-speed global coverage provided through a single operator.

Honeywell is GX Aviation’s exclusive hardware provider.

Airline personnel and partners experienced GX Aviation for the first time during the service’s global tour

Airline personnel and partners from across the world also joined Inmarsat and Honeywell engineers for a sneak preview and were able to experience GX Aviation themselves for the first time.

Guests onboard the aircraft were able to stream videos, check social media and emails, and video-call their friends, family and colleagues around the world on a range of devices, with a quality of connectivity on par with what they receive on the ground.

“It was great being on the GX Aviation flight,” stated one of the guests from an airline. “I loved being able to test my five devices and doing a live video stream on Facebook, internet browsing, VPN, Skype, Netflix and YouTube.”

Guests onboard the GX Aviation global flight tour were able to stream videos, check social media and emails, video-call and more

“The commercial launch of GX Aviation is imminent and we are delighted that system integration has now been completed with Honeywell,” said Leo Mondale, President of Inmarsat Aviation.

“Importantly, the global flight tour also provided the first opportunity for airline executives to experience GX Aviation themselves. The feedback was extremely positive at every location we visited around the world, reinforcing the strength of our global coverage.

The industry is truly sharing our excitement about this transformative step change in in-flight connectivity.”

A link to the GX Aviation tour video can be found here:

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