LVMPD Deploys 1604 TASER X26P Smart Weapons (Learn More)

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has placed an order for a total of 1604 TASER® X26P™ Smart Weapons from TASER International.

The order is an upgrade of older TASER weapons to the X26P Smart Weapon, using the new TASER 60 annual payment plan that provides warranties and on-site spare equipment for these devices throughout the five-year period.

The order for 1604 units was received in the third quarter and is anticipated to ship in the fourth quarter of 2016.

(What are TASER Smart Weapons? How they work and differ from TASER conducted electrical weapons. Courtesy of TASER International and YouTube)

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo
Las Vegas Metro Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

“This upgrade to our less-lethal weapons platform is part of our continuing efforts to bring new technology to the Las Vegas community, bringing greater levels of safety and transparency for both the officer and the citizens they serve,” Las Vegas Metro Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.

“We are passionate about technology that makes the world a safer place,” says Rick Smith, CEO and co-founder of TASER International.

“Our mission is to make a TASER CEW available to every officer, so they have the best options available to avoid injury or death. Our TASER 60 plan provides a new, cleaner alternative for allowing Smart Weapons to be a budgetary line item providing better financial visibility.”

(Learn More, courtesy of TASER International and YouTube)

About the TASER Assurance Plan:

The TASER 60 is a new 5-year annual payment plan that integrates warranty coverage for an agency’s current TASER Smart Weapons, as well as on-site spares so officers experience zero downtime. The yearly payment plan allows for reliable budget line items during a 5-year period and are available with various coverage:

  • Basic: For $22 (X26P) or $26 (X2) a month, agencies receive one Smart Weapon under warranty, one battery, on-site spares (provided with the purchase of 30 or more devices), a holster, and two training cartridges.
  • Premium: For $31 (X26P) or $36 (X2) a month, you’ll receive the above items, plus an additional battery and 18 more cartridges (for a total for 10 training cartridges and 10 duty cartridges).

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