Iris ID Speeds the Security Process at Qatar Airport (See in Action)

Biometric Iris recognition technology from Iris ID, an exhibitor at the upcoming American Security Expo 2017, is helping passengers at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport to pass through self-service security e-gates in as little as 10 seconds.

More than 865,000 passengers have used the gates in 2017’s first quarter.

The two-step process is available to all Qatar residents free of charge. Passengers place their ID cards or passports on a reader which opens a gate to a second portal.

Iris scans or fingerprint readers are used to authenticate identify before opening the last barrier before the boarding gates. The process is repeated for passengers returning from trips outside Qatar. 

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Mohammad Murad, vice president of global sales and business development for Iris ID, said iris recognition is ideal for secure border application as it is the fastest and most accurate of available biometric technologies. 

Mohammed Murad
Mohammed Murad, VP of global development and sales at Iris ID, the world leader in iris recognition platform deployment

“In addition to providing the highest performance levels, iris recognition can be used by people wearing glasses of contact lenses,” he said.

“Also, an iris system doesn’t require any contact with the reader, making it hygienically safe and non-intrusive.”

The International Civil Aviation Organization has praised the Hamad International program as a model system that can be applied by other countries.

Col. Mohammed Rashid Al Mazrouei, director of the Qatar Airport Passports Department, told MOI News the simplicity of the process has made it increasingly popular with passengers.

“This system allows passengers to complete the security check without involvement of airport employees,” he said. “Passengers save time and avoid long queues in front of airport immigration counters. And the system meets all required security standards.”

Al Mizrouei said more than 1 million people registered for the program in 2016 and he expects the gates will be used more than 3.5 million times by the end of 2017.

Iris ID
Every iris pattern is unique and stable for life and since there are more readily measurable characteristics in the iris, iris recognition is regarded to be the most accurate, fastest, and scalable option for both small and large scale biometric deployments.

The airport currently has 21 e-gates for departures and 20 more for arrivals.

The department plans increase the number of gates to 40 in each section due to the growing demand.

Airport Passports Department personnel operate a counter located near the gates to assist passengers unfamiliar with the use of the system.

An onsite department office allows Qatar citizens and residents to link their biometrics to their ID cards.

Hamad International is the major airport serving Qatar’s capital city of Doha. Construction continues at the 22-square-kilometer (8.5 square miles) airport opened in 2104.

It is the sixth airport in the world, and the first in the Middle East, to receive a 5-Star designation from Skytrax, a U.K.-based consultancy providing annual rankings of international airlines and airports 

In addition to Hamad International, Iris ID identification systems are being used at airports and border crossings throughout the world, as well as for national ID programs, voter registration and access control and time-and-attendance applications.

Meet Iris ID at American Security Expo 2017

'American Security Expo 2017' - The Must Event for Homeland Security/Public Safety, conveniently located just minutes outside of New York City at the Meadowlands Exposition Center

‘American Security Expo 2017’ – The Must Event for Gov’t/Homeland Security/Public Safety

To learn more about Iris ID, visit their booth at ‘American Security Expo 2017’ – a full two day conference and exhibition, to be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ, conveniently located just minutes outside of New York City, this coming November 8-9th.

The event will focus on the convergence of Homeland Security at the National level with Public Safety and Homeland Security at the State, County and Local Levels.

‘American Security Expo 2017’ will showcase the most innovative companies with Industry Leading Physical & IT Security Solutions for Government concerning a wide range of integrated projects.

Over 110 industry leading firms will be featured on the show floor plus a host of Sponsorship opportunities, and a full schedule of Conference Meetings and Speakers.


The highlight of the 2017 American Security Expo will be the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program Luncheon which will take place the afternoon of November 8, 2017.

Michael Madsen, the Show Manager, is available to discuss Sponsorship Opportunities, Exhibitor Registration, Speaker Scheduling, Group Attendee Discount Admissions and any further questions you may have at, 732-233-8119.

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