Meggitt Initiates Product Demo for NATO Forces in Italy (See in Action)

Meggitt Training Systems has initiated a three-month demonstration period of its FATS® 100MIL solution at NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy.

Located in Solbiate Olona near Milan, NRDC-Italy is a multinational headquarters featuring personnel from 13 NATO member nations, most from Italian Army as the facility’s host and framework nation.

Initial testing and evaluation of the FATS 100MIL began on April 28 in the presence of NRDC-Italy Commander, Lt. Gen. Roberto Perretti.

Leveraging key features from the US Army Engagement Skills Trainer II and the US Marine Corps’ Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer programs of record, the FATS 100MIL delivers a significant expansion in virtual small-arms training capability.

(The FATS 100e is a major expansion in weapons training capability, introducing revolutionary features such as advanced game engine 3D Marksmanship, enhanced diagnostics with intelligent Automatic Coaching and VBS3-based Collective training, enabled by the proven and popular FATS® M100’s open architecture. Courtesy of Meggitt Training Systems and YouTube)

Andrea Czop, Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing at Meggitt Training Systems

“The FATS 100MIL incorporates Meggitt’s experience providing the newest small-arms training systems for the US Army and Marine Corps,” said Andrea Czop, Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing at Meggitt Training Systems.

“As such, our system is uniquely qualified to meet the most rigorous NATO training requirements, especially for high-readiness forces facing evolving threats to alliance members.”

Ideally positioned for direct and foreign military sales, the FATS 100MIL features industry-leading capabilities for customers in Europe and beyond. Enhanced 3D marksmanship provides highly detailed terrains and targets, including weather, birds in flight and realistic ballistic effects.

Automatic coaching tracks the weapon sensor information with shot analysis that recalls customer doctrine and reinforces the fundamentals of shooting to the trainee. Tablet functionality maximizes session time by allowing the trainer to run the system wirelessly and move as needed.

VBS3-based collective training supports Meggitt’s BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators, its full line of mortar simulators, close air support and Joint Terminal Attack Controller training.

Image Credit: Meggitt Training Systems
Image Credit: Meggitt Training Systems

The FATS® 100MIL provides advanced system features, many of which are firsts in the industry.

Features Include:

    • Up to 30 weapon can be assigned to up to 15 trainees for concurrent exercises
    • Multiple weapon simulators can be assigned to each trainee
    • Allows assignment of Meggitt’s patented wireless BlueFire® weapons to each trainee
    • Direct and Indirect weapons available in Marksmanship and Collective modes
    • Unified User Interface (UUI) provides common look and feel across training modes
    • System utilization reports for data mining, including time spent in training mode, weapon type, etc.
    • Tablet training material content streamed from system for data security
    • Photorealistic 3D terrain and 3D targets (including “paper” targets) with natural occultation and high-fidelity environmental effects
    • VBS3-based training mode allows training on three screens with panoramic view, using existing weapons and courseware

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