Kudelski Sets Standard in Cyber Strategy with Secure Blueprint (Video)

Kudelski Security, introduces Secure Blueprint™, a strategic approach setting a new standard in cybersecurity program management.

Through Secure Blueprint, enterprises can design comprehensive, agile and business-driven programs, with tools providing Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) powerful capabilities for ongoing management and reporting to ensure top executives understand and support initiatives.

(The world is becoming more global, connected and more mobile; this has drastically changed the way people are consuming and generating data. It creates a new set of systemic risks, linked to both IT and Internet service provision. Courtesy of Kudelski Security and YouTube)

Rich Fennessy, chief executive officer of Kudelski Security
Rich Fennessy, chief executive officer of Kudelski Security

The goal of Secure Blueprint is to build a common communication method for CISOs to convey “real-time” program maturity, enabling smart decisions and a business-aligned cybersecurity roadmap spoken through a risk management and financially oriented language which senior leadership and boards clearly understand.

“CISO to board-level communication is a community-wide challenge for the cybersecurity industry right now,” said Rich Fennessy, chief executive officer of Kudelski Security.

“Secure Blueprint is a thorough process that allows organizations to see maturity, risk, threats, initiatives and investments related to cyber in a single view and make continuous improvements.”

“It also creates a framework to communicate with less technical executives to ensure business and security priorities are in sync. This enables clients to have meaningful discussions about security and allocate investments according to evolving priorities and risks.”

“The result is a business context-aware cybersecurity strategy that’s significantly more relevant and effective.”

(Kudelski Security offers customized solutions to strengthen the cyber resilience of a wide variety of sectors and industries, providing them with actionable threat intelligence to manage their risks effectively. Courtesy of Kudelski Security and YouTube)

A New Standard in Modern Cyber Strategy
A combination of external regulatory compliance pressures, reliance on costly cyber technology and limited consideration of business context has resulted in security programs unable to defend against today’s adversaries.

As a result, organizations need to adopt a new strategic approach, one that will establish programs which are measureable and take into account business priorities and assets, while maximizing investments in people, processes and technology.

A Secure Blueprint engagement allows enterprises to map current investments and – based on unique objectives, risk assessment and analysis of processes and staffing – articulate a vision of optimal security.

The approach captures foundational elements, develops metrics to chart progress and creates measurable action plans which address gaps between the current and desired state of programs.

The visual representation of qualitative data also empowers security leaders with reporting which clearly communicates needs and advancements, generating support from top executives and board members, enabling improvements in governance and management of company risk.

The typical Secure Blueprint engagement is performed over a five week period. Key to the process is a Cybersecurity Program Strategy Executive Workshop involving a company’s leadership team.

Through this, Kudelski Security can understand business strategy and objectives, macro-oriented threats, critical processes, regulatory forces and geopolitical considerations to align a cyber strategy. The sessions are led by Kudelski Security’s staff of former CISOs and established experts who have created security roadmaps and led multi-million dollar programs for Fortune 500 and large-to-midsize enterprises.

Mark Carney, vice president, global advisory services, Kudelski Security
Mark Carney, vice president, global advisory services, Kudelski Security

The innovative Secure Blueprint process has further driven Kudelski Security to develop a “market first” Cybersecurity Portfolio Management Model (CPMM), which goes beyond traditional maturity models to further assist in measuring a comprehensive set of disciplines comprising a modern security program.

“Secure Blueprint produces stronger collaboration, which is essential in designing a comprehensive cyber strategy,” said Mark Carney, vice president, global advisory services, Kudelski Security.

“Our executive workshops create greater alignment across the organization to more effectively address the current state of security and pressing priorities. The approach also enables CISOs to strengthen relationships with boards and business leadership peers. The results are programs that are laser-focused on the most critical risks.”

Getting the Board “On Board”
Secure Blueprint offers carefully crafted C-level dashboards which are integral to generating a robust reporting framework CISOs can leverage for productive engagement with senior executives.

This allows CISOs to easily transition from security operations metrics to a more business-oriented and risk management message during presentations to less technical business executives, overcoming a widespread “disconnect” that has been plaguing the effectiveness of security programs.

“Many of my CISO peers and past clients have struggled to build an effective way to both illustrate security posture and report on security initiatives in a way that is meaningful for boards and senior business executives,” continued Carney.

“We designed Secure Blueprint to bring together vital business and technical context so everyone is on the same page. This helps ensure an organization makes the best decisions possible throughout their planning, budgeting and resourcing.”

Kudelski Security provides world-class advisory services delivered through four core areas: Strategy and Governance; Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Management; Incident Response and Cyber Resilience; and Strategic Cyber Staffing. The company is enjoying rapid global growth, highlighted by its recent expansion into the U.S., and an already established Fortune 500 client base.

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