Maritime Arresting Trains Hillsborough Sheriff, USCG, at Port Tampa Bay

On Wednesday October 5th, Maritime Arresting Technologies, a 2016 AST Homeland Security Awards ‘ASTORS’ Winner, has completed its third and final section of Port Tampa Bay’s Security Enhancement Project.

The project, funded by the Port Security Grant Program’s award to Port Tampa Bay, saw the implementation of several new waterway products by Maritime Arresting Technologies.

ASTOR Platinum AwardAfter the innovative products were implemented, Maritime Arresting Technologies commenced a training program with Hillsborough Sheriff’s department and the United States Coast Guard to ensure proper use of the technology.

Highlights of the training included:

Deployment of their revolutionary new reel mounted security-boom system, which can close off the mouth of a harbor in under six minutes.

  • The system includes entanglement booms, which are both naturally buoyant and extremely strong
  • High visibility floats are positioned every 3’, to provide a visible barrier
  • The 3 dimensional structure of the booms, entangle the propellers of encroaching vessels, bringing them to a rapid stop
  • Constructed from 8,000 lbs breaking strain Dyneema® rope, the boom is capable of jamming props of the most powerful motor boats
  • Lengths of up to 1,500’ of this extremely lightweight security barrier is stored on an easily transportable compact reel
  • Multiple rows of entanglement boom can be used to provide scalable protection from single to multiple threats
  • Security booms are stored on reels that can be either trailer mounted, boat mounted or housed in an ISO container
  • A force multiplier allows a security vessel to deny access to 1,500’ of water







Training also included proper deployment of their innovative new MK Launcher, a handheld boat arresting system.

Versatile Pneumatic Launcher expanding First Responder’s capability to deploy a range of fully reusable payloads
  • The Mk4 is a versatile pneumatic launcher that expands first responders capabilities by being able to deploy a range of payloads over long distances
  • Designed specifically for use in a marine environment being constructed from anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum with a Carbon fiber barrel
  • The unique shooting position allows payloads to be deployed when braced against a boat structure or when seated
  • The unit naturally falls into the correct launch elevation
  • The accumulator has been hydro-tested to 1,1000psi and operates at a pressure of 250psi
  • The unit has a built in HPA (high pressure air tank ) that is charged from a SCUBA tank
  • Once charged can be fired three times in less than a minute
  • Disposable CO2 cartridges can be used with alternative charging line
  • The launcher can be pintle mounted

(See the MK Launcher in Action! A 120′ boat stopping munition. Bringing a 600bhp boat to walking pace without harming the vessel or the occupants. Courtesy of Maritime Arrest Technologies and YouTube)

Both systems are available exclusively through Maritime Arresting Technologies, a firm based in Florida.

“We’re glad to have been able to work so closely with Port Tampa Bay and it’s law enforcement agencies. Representatives from the Sheriff’s Department told us these systems can make a real difference” said Shawn Splide, Director of Maritime Arresting Technologies, when asked about the two-month project.

Maritime Arresting Technologies has been making waves through the news since the project commencement in August.

Shawn Splide and business partner Matthew Searle also co-presented with Mark Dubina, VP of Port Security at Port Tampa Bay at the Port Management Network Forum, Long Beach in November.

“There is no other product currently on the market that can allow a port to close off an entire waterway with a vessel arresting boom in under six minutes,” said Mr. Searle during a recent interview.

“When the threat has diminished, the 800 foot booms can be automatically reeled back out of the water in as much time.”


Maritime Arresting Technologies have also been nominated for awards for their technology.

“We hope that with the amount of time and effort we’ve put into the project, that other ports will recognize that we are able to help them from start to finish,” added Searle during a teleconference with members of the press.

“We can advise on Port Security Grant applications, through to training on the delivered technology.”

Maritime Arresting Technologies is a U.S. veteran-owned company that develops and manufactures and range of solutions to save lives, secure high-value locations and apprehend non-compliant vessels.

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Congratulations to Maritime Arresting Technologies on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!