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Netwrix Auditor is a unified platform that delivers visibility and control across on-premises, hybrid and cloud IT environments.

Netwrix Auditor combines powerful security analytics with change, configuration and access auditing to help customers keep an eye on privileged user behavior and receive a full picture of what is going on with company’s critical assets.

This allows companies to detect and investigate suspicious user behavior, prevent insider misuse and mitigate the risk of costly and reputation-damaging data breaches.

Netwrix Auditor platform provides search, analysis, reporting and alerting capabilities to help customers easily identify security policy violations and spot anomalies that might result in data loss.

(Netwrix Auditor is a visibility and governance platform that enables control over changes, configurations and access in hybrid cloud IT environments to protect data at rest regardless of its location. Courtesy of Netwrix and YouTube)

Netwrix Auditor consolidates data from multiple independent sources (e.g. event logs, configuration snapshots, change history records) to provide deeper insight into who did what, when and where, even if several sources do not contain all of the required data.

The data gathered by Netwrix Auditor, or imported from other sources and IT systems, is stored in the two-tiered scalable repository (SQL + database), which holds the data in a compressed format for as long as company needs.

This data can be easily converted into human-readable reports and dashboards that aggregate all events into a single view and show when changes were made, who made them, and what was modified, including before and after values.

All key stakeholders can quickly access the reports from the Netwrix Auditor client and fine-tune the search criteria with the help of Interactive search feature.

Netwrix Enterprise OverviewNetwrix Auditor also supports monitoring of privileged user activities via user activity video recording feature with ability to search and replay, and helps customers immediately receive alerts about critical changes or any activities that may potentially indicate a security incident.

For deeper insight into critical changes and comprehensive root cause analysis Netwrix offers data governance functionality, which allows to detect excessive access rights, overexposed data, and suspiciously high numbers of reads, modifications and failed access attempts.

This empowers organizations to knit together different perspectives on a security incident, distinguish normal user behavior from suspicious one, and immediately block anomalous activities, thus preventing data exfiltration.

Unlike other vendors, Netwrix focuses exclusively on visibility and governance, and supports the broadest variety of IT systems, e.g. Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Windows file servers, EMC storage devices, NetApp filer appliances, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware and Windows Server.

Netwrix Auditor supports two modes of operation. Agentless data collection is offered by default.

However, an organization can opt to use lightweight, non-intrusive agents, which provide network traffic compression and save bandwidth without tampering with core domain controller or operating system functions.

The agents collect audit data locally on domain controllers, filter for the relevant records only, compress the data and then send it to the Netwrix Auditor server.

(Netwrix Auditor enables you to promptly identify, investigate and remediate threats to both structured and unstructured data, with 360-degree visibility into user behavior across Azure AD, SharePoint Online and Oracle Database. Courtesy of Netwrix and YouTube)

The RESTful API further expands the coverage of supported systems by enabling organizations to collect data from any existing on-premises or cloud-based applications.

It also allows to feed more granular data to existing HP Arcsight, Splunk, IBM QRadar and other solutions, thus ensuring better interoperability and increasing signal-to-noise ratio.

Finally, various deployment options (cloud and virtual) allow to make the installation of Netwrix Auditor simpler, quicker and more cost efficient.

Ultimately, all these capabilities allow Netwrix customers from all industries (e.g. government, finance, retail and healthcare) to simplify the task of detecting, investigating and halting both insider and outsider attacks to secure sensitive data regardless of its location.

Netwrix Auditor empowers customers to become more proactive about their cyber security efforts and quickly remediate security issues, which will help them protect their critical assets against the cyber threats, such as ransomware and data tampering.

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Netwrix Corporation was the first vendor to introduce a visibility and governance platform for hybrid cloud security.

More than 160,000 IT departments worldwide rely on Netwrix to detect insider threats on premises and in the cloud, pass compliance audits with less effort and expense, and increase productivity of IT security and operations teams.

Founded in 2006, Netwrix has earned more than 100 industry awards and been named to both the Inc. 5000 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 lists of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

Good luck to Netwrix on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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