New App Helps Police Implement Community-Focused Policing (Video)

In response to the need to help make our communities safer and improve the transparency and trust between police officers and the citizens they serve, a Sacramento-based developer group, LogicTree IT Solutions, with the help of law enforcement agencies across the country, has developed the USPDhub system.

The USPDHub system is a mobile app designed to function as a communication tool between local law enforcement agencies and the communities that they serve.

(Learn More about the USPDhub Mobile APP. Designed Exclusively for Law Enforcement Agencies! Courtesy of USPDhub and YouTube)

USPDhub provides current and critical two-way communication between law enforcement and the community that will help to improve safety and public relations, which includes:

Push Notifications

Push critical information immediately to mobile devices to keep the community informed and prepared.

Update Community

Personalize your agency by staying in touch with citizens with information about the department’s activities, providing enhanced customer service to the community. Utilize predefined templates such as bulletins, missing persons, stolen vehicles and more.

Event Calendar

Publish dates and events that strengthen the department’s involvement with the community.

Receive Tips

Receive tips from citizens to help solve crimes using one-touch access from your App with optional GPS location and images.

One Touch Call Button

Provide easy one touch calling for non-emergency information from the community.

Rich Maddalena, CEO of LogicTree
Rich Maddalena, CEO of LogicTree

After years of developing software for many different industries and associations, LogicTree IT realized the need for an affordable, easy to use, two-way communication system designed for law enforcement agencies with all the features on one platform.

USPDhub is the result of that knowledge.

LogicTree IT continues to develop new features based on requests from agencies and makes them available through USPDhub.


With the new launch, the app’s latest update includes a new pricing structure that caters to law enforcement agencies who want to pay one low monthly fee for basic features, while also allowing them access to add-on features and the ability to customize the app to fit the individual needs of their own agencies, including the offering of a branded app.

The “no contract” pricing structure allows law enforcement agencies to subscribe to the app’s service without a long-term commitment or having to go through rigorous budget approvals.

For as little as $55 per month, the Basic Level of the USPDhub app allows law enforcement agencies to share news with their communities; send push notifications or text messages to a user’s phone to inform them of important and timely announcements, emergencies and alerts; and receive tips from area residents and businesses.

The app is available for download on Android, Apple and Windows phones, and can be found by searching for USPDhub. For more information, visit

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