New Smarter Case Management Helps Improve Crime Clearance Rates

Proven and secure cloud-based case management software empowers law enforcement agencies to investigate crime more efficiently and effectively.
Proven and secure cloud-based case management software empowers law enforcement agencies to investigate crime more efficiently and effectively.

ShotSpotter, a leader in precision policing technology solutions, and a Double 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner recently nominated to compete in the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program, is pleased to introduce ShotSpotter Investigate™, a purpose-built automated case management solution for detectives and investigative supervisors, now available for demonstration and sale. 

The new solution is based on the CrimeCenter™ case management technology acquired in ShotSpotter’s late 2020 acquisition of LEEDS, LLC, an earlier version of which has been used extensively by the New York City Police Department.

ShotSpotter Investigate includes an integration with ShotSpotter’s leading gunshot detection solution to enable users to create a shooting case with incident details automatically transferring into the case folder, as well as a new property and evidence module.

ShotSpotter Investigate extends the company’s end-to-end precision policing platform and opens new business opportunities to more municipal law enforcement agencies as well as state and federal agencies.

(See how ShotSpotter Investigate™, a purpose-built automated case management solution for detectives and investigative supervisors, will enable law enforcement to more effectively respond to, investigate, and deter crime. Courtesy of ShotSpotter and YouTube.) 

Proven and secure cloud-based case management software empowers law enforcement agencies to investigate crime more efficiently and effectively.

National case clearance rates (a measure of cases solved by police), in 2019 for violent crimes were less than 50 percent and less than 15 percent for property crimes according to the FBI.

ShotSpotter Investigate is a modern, cloud-based case management solution that provides  complete support from crime scene to conviction, to aid law enforcement to solve cases faster and improve clearance rates.

Courtesy of ShotSpotter
Courtesy of ShotSpotter

Powerful search and analytical visualization tools help agencies quickly identify relationships between people, places, and evidence, track follow-up activities, status and progress, and build courtroom-ready cases ready to be successfully prosecuted.

The ShotSpotter Investigate system is a smarter approach built from the ground up based on real-life investigative workflows, and replaces cumbersome and outdated manual processes, homegrown systems and limited function case management modules still used by many departments.

Jim Burch, President of the National Police Foundation
Jim Burch, President of the National Police Foundation

“Case clearance rates nationally are suffering and many police agencies struggle to raise their success rates,” explained Jim Burch, President of the National Police Foundation.

“Investigative units that use case management tools and software can improve clearance rates.”

“We applaud efforts to advance the practice of investigations and provide better tools to bring justice and serve crime victims more effectively.”

How ShotSpotter Investigate Works

1. Capture Everything in One Place

Courtesy of ShotSpotter

Easily create digital case folders and document investigative activities, scene details, observations, videos, images, notes and other attachments into one central source of truth.

2. Organize Instantly

Courtesy of ShotSpotter
Courtesy of ShotSpotter
  • Automatically create a searchable, chronological case index and guide investigations with pre-configured, customizable checklists to ensure consistency with agency standards.

3. Solve Cases Faster

Courtesy of ShotSpotter
Courtesy of ShotSpotter
  • Quickly gain insights with link analysis to connect seemingly unrelated details.

4. Get Courtroom-Ready

Courtesy of ShotSpotter
Courtesy of ShotSpotter
  • Automatically route casework through approval processes and develop interactive presentations for court via case folder dashboard.

“With less than 50 percent of violent cases being solved nationally, serial offenders are free to commit crimes without consequences and victims and their families receive no closure or justice,” said Ralph A. Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter.

Ralph A. Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter
Ralph A. Clark, President and CEO of ShotSpotter

“ShotSpotter Investigate brings automation and a smarter approach to the investigative process to improve solvability and help get offenders off the streets making communities and their residents safer.”

ShotSpotter Investigate works as a standalone solution or in conjuction with ShotSpotter Respond™, the company’s gunshot detection solution. For more information visit ShotSpotter.

To Learn More about Shotspotter Investigate please visit, and also see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here

ShotSpotter Returns to Compete in 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program

American Security Today’s ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards program is today in its Sixth Year and continues to recognize the Outstanding Innovations of top firms and agencies in the Homeland Security and Public Safety fields.

The Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards is the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today, to ensure our readers have the information they need to stay ahead of the competition, and keep our Nation safe – one facility, street, and city at a time.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administer, David Pekoske
David Pekoske, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administer

American Security Today is pleased to announce TSA Administrator  David Pekoske, will join the organization as a featured speaker at the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon, on November 18, 2021 at ISC East in New York City.

“On the heels of an unprecedented global pandemic, continued unrest in our cities and potentially catastrophic cyberattacks on our nations critical infrastructure, the focus of the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Luncheon will be on the latest, state-of-the-art innovations that are driving investments in new public security and safety technologies and systems,” said AST Editorial and Managing Director Tammy Waitt.

“As a recognized expert in crisis management, strategic planning, innovation and aviation, surface transportation and maritime security, David Pekoske’s message highlighting his top priorities and challenges for the TSA based on his years of wide-ranging experience will be critical to our attendees internalizing the critical nature of these escalating challenges, and realizing innovative new approaches to meet them.”

The 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program is proudly sponsored by AMAROK, along with Returning Premier Sponsors ATI SystemsAttivo NetworksAutomatic Systems, and Reed Exhibitions.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards at

Comprehensive List of Categories Include:

Access Control/ Identification Personal/Protective Equipment Law Enforcement Counter Terrorism
Perimeter Barrier/ Deterrent System Interagency Interdiction Operation Cloud Computing/Storage Solution
Facial/IRIS Recognition Body Worn Video Product Cyber Security
Video Surveillance/VMS Mobile Technology Anti-Malware
Audio Analytics Disaster Preparedness ID Management
Thermal/Infrared Camera Mass Notification System Fire & Safety
Metal/Weapon Detection Rescue Operations Critical Infrastructure
License Plate Recognition Detection Products And Many Others!
COVID Innovations And Many Others!


Don’t see a Direct Hit for your Product, Agency or Organization?

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on 30 January 2020 and a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Local transmission of the disease has occurred across all fifty states in the America.

With the unprecedented occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of the safety and security industries has realized the need to increase innovations to address the daily growing challenges.

As such AST aims to make sure these firms and professionals are reflected in the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program, so we’d like to encourage you to submit appropriate categories recommendations and include COVID-19 Frontline Professionals in your Nominations to see that these Professionals, Facilities, and Vendors receive the Recognition they Deserve!

Submit your category recommendation for consideration to Michael Madsen, AST Publisher at:

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2019 'ASTORS' Awards Program Banquet Luncheon
2019 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program Banquet Luncheon

At ISC East 2021 you with the opportunity to interact with a broad array of security industry professionals.

ISC East works closely with other businesses in the security and public safety space to help bring together the Northeast’s largest security trade show each year.

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The 2019 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program surpassed expectations with a record number of nominations received from industry leaders and government agencies, and drew over 200 attendees to the ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Banquet – an exclusive gourmet luncheon and networking opportunity which filled to capacity, before having to turn away late registrants.

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Why American Security Today?

The traditional security marketplace has long been covered by a host of publications putting forward the old school basics to what is Today – a fast changing security landscape.

The traditional security marketplace has long been covered by a host of publications putting forward the old school basics to what is Today – a fast changing security landscape.

American Security Today is uniquely focused on the broader Homeland Security & Public Safety marketplace with over 75,000 readers at the Federal, State and local levels of government as well as firms allied to government.

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AST puts forward the Largest and Most Qualified Circulation in Government with Over 75,000 readers on the Federal, State and Local levels.
AST puts forward the Largest and Most Qualified Circulation in Government with Over 75,000 readers on the Federal, State and Local levels.

The AST Digital Publications is distributed to over 75,000 qualified government and homeland security professionals in federal, state and local levels.


AST Reaches both Private & Public Experts, essential to meeting these new challenges.

Today’s new generation of public safety and security experts need real-time knowledge to deal with domestic and international terrorism, lone wolf attacks, unprecedented urban violence, shifts in society, culture and media bias – making it increasingly difficult for Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military and Private Security Professionals to implement coordinated security measures to ensure national security and improve public safety.

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AST has Expanded readership into integral Critical Infrastructure audiences such as Protection of Nuclear Facilities, Water Plants & Dams, Bridges & Tunnels, and other potential targets of terrorism.

Other areas of concern include Transportation Hubs, Public Assemblies, Government Facilities, Sporting & Concert Stadiums, our Nation’s Schools & Universities, and Commercial Business Destinations – all enticing targets due to the large number of persons and resources clustered together.

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It also includes featured guest editorial pieces from some of the security industry’s most respected leaders, and recognized firms in the 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program.

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