New Strategic Alliance to Protect, Communicate Wherever You Are

Lenel and Everbridge, have entered into a strategic alliance to interface their industry leading solutions.

With the combination of Lenel’s OnGuard® platform and Everbridge’s Safety Connection® software, organizations will now be able to offer comprehensive security management on-premises and off-premises – to help protect and notify employees, contractors or visitors during critical incidents regardless of their location.

With the Everbridge interface, system users can now aggregate data about severe weather, terrorism and other incidents and use last-known location data to locate potentially at-risk individuals and nearby first responders and enable two-way communication.

(Learn More. Everbridge Safety Connection™ helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people who may be in harm’s way. Courtesy of Everbridge and YouTube)

The alliance will provide users with a more powerful solution to deliver critical communications, including real-time assessment and notification of important safety information.

Safety Connection’s ability to actively collect, assess and respond to events from OnGuard and external data inputs provides users with a real global view of their environment and potential threats to their workforce.

Ron Virden, managing director, global access solutions, Lenel
Ron Virden, managing director, global access solutions, Lenel

“The interface of the Everbridge Safety Connection software with the OnGuard system provides a unique opportunity for our customers – a 360-degree solution,” says Ron Virden, managing director, global access solutions, Lenel.

“As Lenel continues to enhance its value proposition from an on-premises platform to a complete, mobile security solution, Safety Connection plays a critical role.”

“With the increasing complexity and frequency of global threats, it is no longer adequate to just look at doors and video within the enterprise. Lenel can now deliver a solution that helps protect people wherever they actually are.”

Everbridge’s Safety Connection collects multiple data inputs. These include severe environmental conditions, terrorism and other threat intelligence feeds and incident reports.

The system then locates people and responders and enables two-way communication so security teams can provide instructions to and confirm if people are safe or need help.

Its certified interface to the OnGuard system enables Safety Connection users to acquire last-known-location data to aid in locating employees, contractors or visitors during critical incidents.

Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge
Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge

Safety Connection can synthesize data from company wired and wireless network access points, travel itineraries, home and office location records, and check-ins through its mobile application to take a multi-pronged approach to locating people.

The solution also offers panic button functionality through a mobile application that employees can use to send a geo-tagged SOS message to their security team when they are in distress.

“With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams and large campuses, organizations cannot rely on physical and perimeter security alone to keep people safe,” says Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge.

“The Lenel and Everbridge alliance showcases our commitment to transforming the traditional paradigm of physical security – by enabling customers to locate and assist people wherever they are—whether that is on or off the premises.”

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Lenel and Everbridge will be presenting a demo of their joint solution at The Great Conversation in Security conference, Seattle, Washington, on March 6-7, and at ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 5-7.

Everbridge Safety Connection is available now through Lenel value added resellers worldwide.