Oshkosh Deploys 3D Simulation Training for JLTV Program

The JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) program fills a critical capability gap for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps by replacing a large portion of the legacy uparmored HMMWV fleet with a light tactical vehicle with far superior protection and off-road mobility.

JLTV is acknowledged as the ‘Next Generation Light Vehicle’ and Oshkosh Defense, believes its training program needs to be next-gen as well.

Leading that vision, Oshkosh deployed 3D interactive simulation training for the JLTV Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase – which was very well received by the U.S. Army.

During the EMD phase, Oshkosh worked with Heartwood for development of the 3D interactive simulation modules.

Heartwood specializes in building platform and device agnostic 3D interactive simulations for Operator and Maintenance Training.

(Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training lets students practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘Learn-by-doing’. This in turn, empowers companies like OSHKOSH to accelerate user learning, reduce training costs and decrease expensive live training by being Visual, Interactive and Portable. Courtesy of Heartwood and YouTube)

The EMD Phase training included:

1.    Interior Familiarization
2.    Exterior Familiarization
3.    Cab Controls
4.    Normal Operations

Dave Diersen, Oshkosh Defense vice president and general manager of Joint Programs
Dave Diersen, Oshkosh Defense vice president and general manager of Joint Programs

“As the OEM, we believe Oshkosh is best positioned for JLTV training development,” said Dave Diersen, Vice President and GM, Joint Programs at Oshkosh Defense.

“We have intimate knowledge of the entire vehicle from interior to exterior systems, and working with Heartwood during the EMD phase gave us the 3D simulation technology needed for that phases next-generation training program.”

“We were honored to be selected by Oshkosh to develop EMD training for the prestigious JLTV program,” said Neil Wadhawan, Chief Revenue Officer of Heartwood.

Neil Wadhawan, Chief Revenue Officer of Heartwood
Neil Wadhawan, Chief Revenue Officer of Heartwood

“As this reflects our dedication to provide customers with advanced Visual, Interactive and Portable solutions to help them achieve their maintenance training goals.”

Heartwood empowers companies and organizations to reduce their Operation & Maintenance training costs, accelerate employee learning and decrease the need for expensive live training – using 3D interactive training technology and applications.

Heartwood helps Operations & Maintenance workforce learn complex procedures by allowing them to practice on equipment virtually.

Heartwood 3d logoTheir simulated, 3D interactive applications enable users to ‘Learn-by-Doing’ as needed on Web, PC, Mobile, AR or VR.

Customers use Heartwood as a portable and scalable alternative to ineffective manuals, passive e-learning and costly hands-on training.