SJPD Selects LEFTA to Document New Recruit Training Records

The San Jose Police Department (SJPD) has implemented LEFTA Systems Field Training Program Software, a web-based software application to allow the San Jose FTO Program to eliminate paperwork, data entry and manual filing.

Developed in 1972, the San Jose FTO Model is renowned worldwide and is now the standard for recruit training across the U.S. and abroad.

Lieutenant Jason Herr

“The San Jose Police Department is committed to training excellence and LEFTA Systems’ solution allows us to ensure the success of every recruit,” said SJPD’s current Field Training Program Administrator, Lieutenant Jason Herr.

“LEFTA’s solution is based on the SJPD FTO model. We’re now able to discontinue our previous paper-based system thereby substantially improving our efficiencies by having the recruits, field training officers, FTO sergeants and administrators enter and view information more quickly.”

“It also lets the SJPD focus less on evaluation, paperwork, data entry and filing – and more on training – which is the key to success,” concluded Herr.

LEFTA Systems
LEFTA Systems’ web-based software application will allow the San Jose FTO Program to eliminate paperwork, data entry and manual filing.

“LEFTA Systems is honored to have our solution selected by The San Jose Police Department,” stated Bryan Selzer, CEO of LEFTA Systems.

“The SJPD FTO Program has become the national and international gold standard. We’re thrilled to have the agency that originated the FTO program more than 40 years ago, implement our law enforcement training software.”

Web-based, fully automated and fully customizable, LEFTA Systems’ Field Training software was created by Field Training Officers for Field Training Officers.

The application offers numerous training forms and reports used by most law enforcement agencies.

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability to monitor any discriminatory ratings by Field Training Officers
  • Multi-recording attachments to reports (wave files, smartphone recordings, dashboard and body camera recordings)
  • Highly secure Hosting on servers for government entities only, approved by FedRAMP and the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS)
  • Automatic updates at no cost

Jacksonville-Florida based Law Enforcement Field Training Applications (LEFTA) Systems has evolved to become the industry leader in law enforcement software by creating best-of-breed software solutions for law enforcement agencies and their employees.

The firm’s software products are used by nearly 300 agencies at local, state and federal levels and more than 50,000 law enforcement officers nationwide.