Plan B Marine Manhattan Emerg Evacuation Expands (See Video)

Plan B Marine has has added dockage at the downtown IGY North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place, to expand it’s emergency maritime evacuation services from Manhattan, ensuring individuals and businesses have more ways off the island should the need arise.

“It’s the contingency backup people who live or work downtown have been asking for,” said Plan B Marine President and CEO Pat Dowhie.

“Plan B boats are docked at Brookfield Place now so that subscribers can get off the island in the event of critical infrastructure failure or other catastrophic circumstance.”

(Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan. Produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein. Eyepop Productions, Inc. Courtesy of YouTube)

Plan B Marine’s evacuation services, available through arrangement at marinas down town and West Side, provides dockage, maintenance and training in the operation of coast guard class SAFE boats.

Plan B Marine SAFE boats activate by means of security code, track via GPS and are recovered and re-readied by Plan B Marine once subscribers have gotten where they need to go.

If and when there’s an evacuation event, subscribers pilot their crafts to predetermined disembarkation points of their own choosing.

Every Good Chief Executive Needs a Plan B. Your job is to see to every contingency. Disaster recovery… business continuity… it’s up to you to leave nothing to chance.


You need to be prepared so that your company can continue to operate no matter what the situation. Systemic failure can leave you exposed though.

A break down in the power grid disrupts communication and mass transit. It’s how civilization is wired and it doesn’t matter whether it started due to outdated technological infrastructure or as an act of sabotage or terrorism.

You and your leadership team are left stranded while out on the street there’s confusion and panic. You’re isolated. Helpless. It’s a nightmare scenario, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now there’s a Plan B for catastrophic situations that you couldn’t previously plan for. Plan B Marine provides you and key employees a nautical means of evacuation in the event Manhattan Island ceases to be a tenable place of business.

Your Plan B allows you access to a Military Grade all weather response boat maintained in full working order at a West Side location known to you and your key personnel.

You’ll be trained in how to operate the boat so that, in the event of catastrophe, you and your team can swiftly and safely evacuate New York City.

Plan B Marine covers all the bases for you. Your vessel is docked and maintained for you so that, when the trains and buses are at a standstill and all the bridges and tunnels are closed, you still have a way off the island.

Part pragmatic planning, part peace of mind, Plan B Marine prepares you to face disaster head on and come out the other side.

Safe Boats International

Favored by law enforcement, fire safety professionals and first responders worldwide, SAFE boats are the craft of choice at Plan B Marine.

Their ergonomic design, reinforced aluminum self righting hulls and foam collars are built to withstand the most rigorous conditions.

Should Manhattan cease to be a tenable place of residence or business operation, CFO Chris Dowhie believes Plan B Marine offers the most secure, reliable option in a disaster.  “There are a handful of bridges and tunnels,” he points out.  “If mass transit is at a standstill, maritime evacuation is the only real alternative.”

Plan B Marine begins public display of its boats in marinas around Manhattan starting Monday October 24, 2016.

Test boarding are by appointment that may be made through Plan B Marine at 646-600-5380 or at its website

Plan B Marine

Plan B Marine has installations in Chelsea and Westhampton.  It is privately owned and its principals have backgrounds in telecommunications, contingency planning, disaster recovery and nautical vessel design and operation.

Founded in 1997, SAFE Boats International (SAFE) designs and builds highly reliable and extremely durable vessels that help keep military, law enforcement and fire professionals safe as they carry out their duties, protect citizens and work to save lives.