MILCOM 2016 Examines Secure Comm at the Speed of Cyber

From his earliest days as Defense Information Systems Agency director, Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn, USA, has emphasized the importance of the military partnering with industry to contend with the dangers that lurk in cyberspace.

Gen. Lynn, who also is the commander of the Joint Force Headquarters–Department of Defense Information Networks, has called upon the commercial sector to help the agency meet its mission needs, asking for ideas and capabilities that support big data analytics, advance software-defined networking, assure identity verification and improve encryption.

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Gen. Lynn will be one of many esteemed experts at MILCOM 2016, which takes place November 1-3 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. AFCEA International and IEEE co-sponsor the event.

At an AFCEA conference earlier this year, the general amplified his call industry to create the cyber solutions the military needs.


“We want the technology industry to partner with us to develop the next generation of military [information technology] services,” he stated. Addressing cybersecurity needs, Gen. Lynn added, “If you have novel ideas of how to do encryption, we’re all ears.

“The world has changed,” the general declared. “In cyber, it used to be almost like an intel game—a gentlemanly sport. People would try to break into your network real smoothly, real slowly.

“Today, they don’t care,” he continued. “They’re kicking in the doors. It’s loud and fast—it’s snatch and grab. The gloves are off. It’s cyber warfare, and it’s daily. It’s happening on our networks.”

Maj. Gen. Dwyer L. Dennis
Maj. Gen. Dwyer L. Dennis

Other MILCOM 2016 speakers and panelists include Maj. Gen. Dwyer L. Dennis, USAF, program executive officer C3I & Networks, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center; R. Michael Gill, secretary of commerce for the state of Maryland; and Maj. Gen. Earl D. Matthews, USAF (Ret.), vice president, enterprise security solutions, Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The conference features several panel discussions that focus on modernization, operational priorities and capability needs, as well as how to equip the cyber force. In addition, MILCOM includes technical paper presentations, tutorials and a restricted access technical program.

More than two dozen sessions are approved as continuing education for maintaining cybersecurity certifications.

Additional information about MILCOM 2016 is available online.

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