Spokane Police Officer Honored for Saving Trapped Motorist (Video)

Spokane Police Officer Timothy Schwering was honored Friday afternoon for his heroic rescue of Kimberly Novak from her burning car.

Officer Schwering’s body camera footage, released by the Spokane Police Department, shows Officer Schwering using only a baton to smash through the driver’s side window to pull Novak to safety on January 20th.

(A Spokane woman is calling a local police officer her angel after pulling her from the flames and it’s all caught on camera. Courtesy of KXLY and YouTube)

To thank Officer Schwering for his bravery, Kimberly Novak is donating a RHYNO glass-cutting tool to the Spokane Police Department. The device will aid in future rescues by enabling officers to cut through motor vehicle side glass in under 10 seconds.

RHYNO2 Cutter with dust shield
RHYNO2 Cutter with dust shield

“I want all police officers to have a RHYNO tool in their cars,” said Novak.

RHYNO Owner and President Al Vangura attended the celebration Friday to demonstrate the RHYNO cutter.

Vangura is a noted biomechanics and bioengineering expert who designed and developed the RHYNO to assist First Responders in laminated glass management for motor vehicles and buildings.

The rescue and tool donation are timely because all 2017 model year motor vehicles in the US will have laminated glass in all windows as mandated by the US Code of Federal Regulations.
Implemented to prevent full or partial ejection of passengers, this critical change requires an advanced glass management tool to safely access patients with speed and dexterity.
Spokane Police Officer Timothy Schwering, Kimberly Novak and Al Vangura, Owner and President of RHYNO
Spokane Police Officer Timothy Schwering, Kimberly Novak and Al Vangura, Owner and President of RHYNO

The RHYNO Windshield Cutter® is a battery-operated hand tool that removes motor vehicle glass and building glass in less than 10 seconds.

It can be used with one hand, making it ideal for rollovers, under/over-rides, and situations with limited leverage opportunity.

(See the RHYNO Windshield Cutter taking out side glass. 35 seconds to remove a complete windshield and less than 15 seconds to remove a laminated side window! Courtesy of Al Vangura and YouTube)