SST Mobile App for Anytime, Anywhere Gunfire Alerts (Video)

SST, the global leader in acoustic gunfire detection, has launched a new mobile app designed to extend ShotSpotter Flex alerts to a new native browser user-interface and native mobile iOS and Android platforms.

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With the new mobile app, more law enforcement users will have access to the valuable ShotSpotter service beyond the dispatch office or squad car, with real-time gunfire alerts delivered anytime, anywhere on any iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

The new mobile app is designed to provide timely situational awareness information to speed up officer response time and improve safety.

(For 20 years law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have trusted and relied on SST ShotSpotter® to detect and locate gunfire in their community. Courtesy of SST and YouTube)

Mobile App Now Available

The ShotSpotter mobile app, available for download, makes it very easy for all law enforcement personnel to directly receive instant alerts on their mobile devices.

These always on push notifications of gunshot incidents are instantly sent to a user’s mobile device in real-time so that department personnel never miss an alert – no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Each ShotSpotter alert provides key information for each incident including: incident time, number of rounds, and the location with a highlighted evidence search area.

In addition, officers can play the audio of the gunfire incident in order to have full situational intelligence on the event they are responding to.

Ralph A. Clark, SST President and CEO

In order to aid in officer safety while on the beat, the app information is displayed via a low light user interface.

“The ShotSpotter mobile app delivers a world class mobile experience designed specifically to keep officers safe and informed wherever their job takes them,” said Ralph A. Clark, CEO of SST.

“Going mobile provides broader reach and deeper engagement to critical real time gunfire data that law enforcement needs to address violent crime quickly and effectively.”

“Our mobility initiative has been inspired and informed by key user and market feedback.”

(The murder of two police officers last December 20th was actually captured on the new ShotSpotter system. It wasn’t completely up and running back then. The hope is it will record future shootings and make response times much faster. Courtesy of ABC News and YouTube)

South Bend PD Touts Ease of Use

The South Bend Police Department in Indiana is a longstanding user of ShotSpotter and has been beta testing the mobile app for several months.

Captain Tony Bontrager, South Bend Police Department
Captain Tony Bontrager, South Bend Police Department

Approximately ten department personnel in varying positions are currently using the mobile app.

“The ShotSpotter mobile app has helped us to be more proactive in responding to gunfire incidents because we get the information we need quickly and can decide the best way to respond,” said Captain Tony Bontrager.

“The app is very straightforward and easy to use and lets us know the address and how many shots are fired. We get the information live – anywhere, anytime – without having to exclusively rely on dispatch to call us or take the time to log on to a system.”

(South Bend police chief, Ron Teachman says crime is up in south bend but shockingly few people even bother to call the police if they hear gunshots. Courtesy of SST and YouTube)

Minimal IT Involvement Required

The mobile app works exclusively with the ShotSpotter Flex solution and is offered as a free download through the Apple app store and Google Play.

The mobile alerts do not require out of browser (OOB) applications to view and access, and are available on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, laptop computers and desktop computers.

The download and set up process is easy for new users and requires minimal IT involvement or overhead for agencies.

Using the Amazon Web Services Cloud

To deliver increased scale, high availability, and disaster recovery, the company chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a leader in commercial cloud – to host the back end infrastructure for its mobile and browser apps.

SST has been able to invest in feature innovation instead of infrastructure management. AWS allows SST to scale servers capacity automatically on demand and maintain high performance, all while keeping costs down.

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SST is the global leader in gunfire detection, protection and connection technology, providing the most trusted, scalable and reliable gunfire alert and analysis solutions available today.

SST’s ShotSpotter Flex™ is the leading gunfire alert and analysis solution for detecting gunshots, protecting officers with tactical awareness, and connecting law enforcement agencies to the community; while providing critical intelligence to give law enforcement agencies the detailed real-time data needed to investigate, analyze and prosecute gun related crimes.


SST’s ShotSpotter SiteSecure and SST SecureCampus provide critical indoor/outdoor infrastructure protection against active shooter attacks.

The company’s deep domain experience, intellectual property including 33 issued patents, along with cumulative agency best practice experience, enables measurable outcomes that contribute to reducing gun violence.

SST is a proven solution provider with more than 90 installations across the United States and the world. Privately held and Silicon Valley based, the company has nearly two decades of innovation and deployment experience in the area of acoustic gunshot location technology.