Tyco Bolsters IP Camera Portfolio with New 2MP PTZ & 12MP Fisheye

Tyco Security Products has introduced two new IP cameras, the 2MP PTZ and 12MP Fisheye camera, adding power and value to its growing Illustra IP camera portfolio. 

The Illustra Flex 2MP PTZ has 20x optical zoom with continuous auto-focus plus 10X digital zoom, which provides very effective video surveillance over long distances. 

The cost-effective PTZ includes motion detection and advanced features such as WDR, auto-defog, backlight control and noise reduction*. Outdoor models use 60W PoE+ power making the installation of outdoor cameras easier.

Illustra Flex 2MP PTZ

The new Illustra Pro 12MP Fisheye provides high quality 360° or 180° panoramic video.

The camera’s ePTZ movements are ultra smooth, creating even transitions between pan, tilt, and zoom movements, while onboard dewarping technology provides distortion-corrected video streaming. 

The camera’s integrated IR illuminator provides high-quality video up to 15 meters in even the worst lighting conditions.

The Fisheye camera can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and uses Power over Ethernet which eliminates the need for cables and reduces installation time and cost.

“We are always cognizant of our customers’ need for excellent video quality while keeping a careful eye on cost,” said Linda Natale, Product Manager, Tyco Security Products.

“Both new Illustra cameras provide multiple streams of H.264 and MJPEG video compression, supporting bitrate control. This provides excellent image clarity while efficiently managing bandwidth.”

(*Video noise occurs when the sensor in a security camera struggles to capture light in low light environments. Video noise consumes 25 to 75% more storage space. 3D Noise reduction can drastically reduce storage requirements and can have a significant impact on the cost of video storage. Courtesy of American Dynamics and YouTube)

Both cameras are also IK10 and IP66 rated, providing excellent performance in outdoor and low light environments and can be quickly configured using the Illustra Connect software tool.

For more information on the Illustra cameras, go to www.illustracameras.com.  

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