Utility’s Revolutionary Crime Scene Doc Tech at IACP 2016 (Videos)

Utility, is introducing the industry’s first digital crime scene imaging system, the Smart Scene 360™ at IACP.

Smart Scene 360 is a crime scene documentation tool that allows every officer with a BodyWorn camera to be an evidence technician.

Officers can easily capture a 360° view of a crime scene or traffic accident, which can later be used as evidence in court.

The 360° image and metadata are automatically stored securely in the cloud, with other related BodyWorn and Rocket IoT in-car video, audio and metadata.

When viewing the image through the VR goggles, a perception of depth is created in 3D, immersing the viewer in the location of that scene.

The image can also be played back on the BodyWorn device and within the AVailWeb™ Evidence Management System.

This revolutionary new technology expands a department’s ability to collect evidence on the spot. To do more – with less.

Smart Scene 360 represents the next generation in the evolution of body camera technology, and it is intended to provide a higher level of situational awareness while enhancing mission critical intelligence.

Smart Scene 360™ —along with Utility’s full suite of products, including BodyWorn™—will be on display throughout the 123rdInternational Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Exposition (IACP) in San Diego, California from October 15 – 18, 2016 at the BodyWorn™ by Utility booth (#1939).

(The next generation BodyWorn Camera is a smart device that fits securely into your uniform with our patent-pending mounting system. The camera lens aligns perfectly with the grommet to provide you with accurate video evidence collection. Courtesy of Utility and YouTube)

Utility will have a virtual reality room at IACP so that attendees can personally experience Smart Scene 360™.

Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility
Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility

“We believe that Smart Scene 360™ will forever change the way evidence is captured by Police Departments,” said Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility.

“Our core values focus on letting policy makers meet the public’s demand for a 21st-century Police Department, and providing technology that makes sure those policies are automatically carried out in the most effective way possible every time.”

“That is why we are so excited to unveil this new, exciting technology at IACP. The future begins now, and we look forward to supporting law enforcement agencies as they move into this new age.”

This new technology will enable Law Enforcement officials, District Attorneys, and Courts to view crime scenes in 3D virtual reality long after an incident occurs. Smart Scene 360™ is a feature of the AVaiL Video Management solution and is included at no additional cost.

Smart Scene 360™ uses a 360° digital imaging app, Smart Shot 360™, to create a digital model of a crime scene.

Smart Shot 360™ is part of the software running on the Police Officer’s standard BodyWorn™ camera, and is available immediately.  No additional hardware or software is required.

Officers will now be able to review and search a crime scene remotely at any time from any location.

By utilizing the BodyWorn™ camera’s instant video playback feature, an Officer can examine the 360° view of the scene directly on the BodyWorn camera.

Officers can also use Virtual Reality headsets to re-experience the crime scene.

Like BodyWorn™, all Smart Scene 360™ video content is automatically uploaded as it is recorded to secure Amazon Web Services cloud storage.

Smart Scene 360™ video can then be viewed through Utility’s AVaiL Web™ video management system.

(Warning: Graphic video displaying Video Redaction Technology featuring violence such as riots, the Boston Marathon bombing and Black Friday shopping. Courtesy of Utility and YouTube)

“Each year, IACP brings out the best of what the law enforcement technology industry has to offer. Our products epitomize 21st-century solutions and provide future-proof technology not offered by our hardware-centric competitors,” said Chris Lindenau, Vice President of Business Development and Chief Revenue Officer.

Chris Lindenau, Utility's Vice President of Business Development and Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Lindenau, Utility’s Vice President of Business Development and Chief Revenue Officer

“In addition to introducing Smart Scene 360™, we will also announce an enhanced software architecture that integrates video recorded from multiple platforms with BodyWorn™—including unmanned aerial vehicles.”

“We believe these new products further demonstrate our mission of expanding the technological horizons of what a body camera company can achieve.”

This is the third consecutive year that Utility has unveiled new products at IACP.

In 2014, Utility, Inc. introduced BodyWorn™, the only police body camera with policy-based automatic recording triggers.

Experience has shown the Police Officers in high stress situations often forget to turn on manually-operated body cameras, which damages Community Trust in Police Accountability and Transparency.

In 2015, the Rocket IoT™ In-Car Video Recording system was fully integrated with BodyWorn™ cameras.

Vehicle front and back seat video content can be played on a side-by-side synchronized view basis with BodyWorn™ video—providing incident views from multiple angles and locations.

The Rocket IoT™ has been enhanced to support dual SIM cards and patented automatic switching to the best 3G and 4G-LTE cell carrier, based upon vehicle location, heading, and speed.

Up to four HD, PoE video cameras can be attached to the Rocket IoT™, along with vehicle diagnostics and IoT Sensors in and around the vehicle.

Smart Scene 360

Policy-Based Recording and IoT sensor events automatically start and stop video recording according to Department policy reliably and with no human bias.

Utility and its full suite of smart products, will be on display at booth #1939.

For more information, visit http://www.Bodyworn.com. Information about Utility’s automatic video redaction technology can be found at http://www.smartredaction.com/.

BodyWorn™ incorporates real-time communications for the best situational awareness possible during the most critical times.

Unlike Generation 1 body cameras, BodyWorn™ has automatic recording triggers based upon department policies, officer down emergency reporting, live video streaming, and secure automatic wireless video upload to cloud storage.

bodyworn logoBodyWorn™ video, audio and metadata can be accessed through its cloud-based digital evidence management solution AVaiL Web™.

All of Utility’s recording solutions, including Rocket IoT™ in-car video system, leverage Amazon Web Services cloud processing and storage.

Utility US Patents include:
6,831,556 – Composite Mobile Digital Information System
7,768,548 – Mobile Digital Video Recording System
8,781,475 – Method for Switching between Cellular Networks
9,246,898 – Method for Securely Distributing Legal Evidence
9,282,495 – System and Method for Switching between Cellular Networks
9,432,402 – Method for Uploading Files Utilizing GPS Routing